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Our Kids Martial Arts Classes Are Perfect For Students Of Any Age Or Background!

At Sorce Martial Arts, we're working hard every day to help students all across South Milwaukee and Oak Creek face life with complete confidence and have a great time in the process. Our Kids Martial Arts classes focus on the art of Taekwondo and include age-specific instruction that can meet the needs of all skill levels.

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Why Is Our Kids Martial Arts Program Right For Your Child? 

At Sorce Martial Arts, nobody sits on the sidelines. In our Kids Martial Arts classes, our students take on action-packed instruction and feel great about themselves every step of the way. We offer professional coaching where your child can learn at their own pace and we work hard to maintain a safe, supportive environment.

Join us here in South Milwaukee for:

Lil' Dragons (Ages 5-6): We focus on the basics of instruction in this program, helping your child develop balance, coordination, and focus. Our classes can help your child stay motivated to learn and challenge themselves each and every day. We're offering students tools like: 

  • Focus
  • Memory
  • Teamwork
  • and more!

Youth Martial Arts (Ages 7-12): In this class, we work hard to build students up with a proven path to success. Whether your child is a complete beginner or an experienced martial artist, they'll enjoy tailored instruction and tons of support. Your child can join us for:

  • Self-defense skills
  • Bully prevention strategies
  • Well-rounded athleticism

From Day One, Our Kids Martial Arts Classes Can Set Your Child Up For Success

Our students love running, jumping, and challenging themselves in our system. But we're not here to focus just on the physical tools that our classes offer.

Instead, we use that high-energy fun as a vehicle for growth in all aspects of your child's life. We help our students love the learning process and develop the skills they need to find success in school, in their social lives, and even into adulthood.

At Sorce Martial Arts, we're offering students all across South Milwaukee and Oak Creek:

  • Complete self-confidence
  • Incredible focus and attention to detail
  • Discipline in everything they do
  • Respect for themselves and others

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If you're ready to challenge your child and help them have a blast learning new skills, join us today at Sorce Martial Arts. We're proud to work with students from all across South Milwaukee and Oak Creek. No prior experience is required.

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