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Our Eskrima Training Can Equip You With The Best Eskrima Skills Around

At Sorce Martial Arts, we're proud to offer men and women across South Milwaukee and Oak Creek the chance to take on a proven Eskrima combatives system that can keep you safe in any situation.

The Filipino Martial Art Eskrima is renowned worldwide as one of the most effective ways for law enforcement, military, and everyday men and women to defend themselves in the face of danger. And our team of instructors is here to help you learn the skill one step at a time.

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Why Is Our Eskrima Combatives System Right For You?

Eskrima is built to keep you prepared for anything life throws your way. This system, known as the Inayan System of Eskrima encompasses self-defense skills and strategies for any situation, including close, medium, and long-range encounters.

At Sorce Martial Arts, we're helping you learn the skill one step at a time with a focus on a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of the system. Our Eskrima classes here in South Milwaukee include: 

Inayan Serrada (to "Shut or Close"): A medium-to-close range style. Serrada stylists use an 18" to 26" weapon (stick), depending on the physical stature of an individual.

Inayan Larga-Mano ("Longhand"): A long-range style of combat employing a 26" to 40" weapon. The Inayan Larga Mano Style of Eskrima uses a forty-inch weapon and is representative of the "Kampilan Sword". We include the staff and spear (Sibat-Bankow) training in this curriculum.

Inayan Kadena De Mano ("Chain of Hands"): Inayan Kadena-De-Mano is a short-range style of combat employing an 8" to 18" weapon. Emphasis is on bladed (Knife) weapon, hand-to-hand and grappling aspects of combat.

Inayan Sinawali ("Pattern or Weaving"): A good style for people who are starting out in the art of Eskrima since it is very easily taught to beginners. Although this style is easy to learn, it is not so easy to master.

Inayan Dequerdas ("The Cord" or "To Cord"): A medium range style that uses reinforced blocking with the off or shield hand on the weapon.

Inayan Espada-E-Daga ("Sword and Dagger": A medium to close range style of combat that is not recommended for beginners. 

What Can You Expect? 

At Sorce Martial Arts, we work hard to maintain a safe environment where people of all skill sets can find success. Our training includes hands-on instruction and a focus on each individual detail before inviting you to combine the skills into a more comprehensive strategy.

We're here to keep your mind challenged and your body moving on the path to:

  • Improved situational awareness
  • Incredible reaction times to a threat
  • Boosted strength and physical fitness
  • Complete confidence in all aspects of life 

Don't Miss Out On Our Eskrima Training Here In South Milwaukee!

If you're ready to challenge yourself and take on the world of Eskrima, our classes here at Sorce Martial Arts are the perfect fit. We're offering professional instruction in this Filipino Martial Art and we're helping people of all backgrounds find success.

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