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Sorce Martial Arts is a wonderful place for families, as well as individuals, to train. Their team of dedicated instructors are knowledgeable, work well with children and adults of all ages, and are respectful and courteous. If you live in the area or an hour away like my family, are are interested in learning martial arts at a good pace, Sorce Martial Arts is the place for you. Mr. Sorce is extremely knowledgeable and helpful and can answer any question you may have about programs his school offers. I highly recommend his school if you are looking for a place for your children to learn discipline, listening skills, and respect.

Emily Albrecht

I started practicing martial arts when I was 13 or so and kept with it (on and off throught other sports seasons) until I was about 17. When I was 34, I decided that I wanted to pick it back up. During this time, I realized that martial arts was a passion of mine. I competed in a couple of tournaments with Sorce Martial Arts and was blown away by their level of technique! It has been an absolute honor to find Sorce Martial Arts. Master Sorce, along with his very knowledgeable instructors and assistant instructors make learning fun. The attention to detail, while still a laid back environment is uncanny. And on top of that...everyone is so nice!!! I couldn't be happier to be training with such incredible people. <3

Sarah Gray

Sorce martial arts has offered a great experience for my son and our family. I as a parent share the belief system they are teaching the students, and I appreciate the positive atmosphere. The staff, including Mr. Sorce, make a point of learning the students’ names and encouraging greatness in the kids. My once meek son is now confident and more self-assured than before he started, which was about a year and a half ago. I plan on enrolling my daughter in the spring so she, too, can learn confidence and self-discipline.

Samantha Hall

My daughter has been going to Sorce for two years and counting. The staff are wonderful and informative and the instructors are great and so patient with all the kids. I love how they encourage and interact with the kids; bolstering confidence and teaching life skills like accountability, focus, responsibility, conflict resolution, dealing with bullying and so much more. I love knowing my young daughter is building self defense skills in this day and age. Sorce is very active in local communities and provides countless opportunities for families to participate in social events and for students to attend tournaments. The classes are open for parents to watch and chock-full of both structure and laughs.

Lisa Ricker-Girmscheid

We tried many extra curricular activities with our 6 year old (soccer, t ball, archery, zoo classes, and more). The little dragons classes at Sorce are the only classes he has really taken an enthusiastic interest in. My wife and I are teachers and we notice their classes are rooted in sound pedagogical techniques and the instructors are great with the kids, hitting the sweet spot between firm and fun. I would definitely recommend the little dragons and the one month trial deal they have. We ended up signing on for the year.

Jeremy Alois Dunbeck

Amazing place! My son has been taking lessons for a year now, and has grown tremendously in that time. They keep things fun while teaching the fundamentals that our youth so sorely needs. Would highly recommend!

Quinn Mihalski

Been going here for close to 10 years now. Great experience since day one as a student and throughout my training into other arts and now being an instructor. I can tell you in one word what made me write a review today- smiles. Sometimes being an instructor allows me to observe a lot of things. Last night I noticed many people smiling as they were training, waiting to train, or watching. I realized this happens every day. From young kids to teens to adults, smiles are all around which means people are having fun. We do our best to train everyone in martial arts, and it starts with a great, fun atmosphere.

Larry Simons

I've studied martial arts for 35 years and have been blessed to meet wonderful people from all over the world! Mr. Sorce is one of the best! His knowledge, dedication and passion for the arts makes him a rare find. Spend just a few minutes talking or training with him and you will see his love for teaching and sharing the wealth of knowledge he has accumulated over the years. I have traveled from Baton Rouge, LA just to train under his guidance and will continue to do so. For me, a 7th Degree Master of TKD and a professional martial artist since 1993, it's very humbling to see what Mr. Sorce has to offer. I couldn't recommend a better resource for martial arts training!

David Vincent

I am very impressed with Sorce Martial Arts. The program is so well thought out. The kids learn valuable lessons, focus, and respect. The instructors are the best around. They are knowledgeable and willing to be another resource if need be for your child. They are awesome with the kids. My daughter loves going to her class. I like her class, because she is focused and busy the entire class time. Seeing what the offer I would never take my daughter anywhere else!

Stefanie K.

Sorce Martial Arts is a great place to learn martial arts. Mr. Sorce is a fantastic, energetic, patient, and caring instructor. My sons and I loved his programs and would highly recommend his dojo to anyone seeking a friendly martial arts community. Mr. Sorce is very knowledgeable and relays his knowledge in a pragmatic and personalized manner. He is an asset to the community.

Matthew Fanning

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